Connecting Manufacturers with
Customers Across Canada

Our accomplished team leverages leading-edge technology, data management, and-most of all-a rich network of relationships to enhance your brand, build your business, and increase your sales. Do you need to create business-building connections with jobbers, dealers, OEMs, retailers, and specialty partners across multiple channels? You deserve representation from Canada’s top sales agency.

With our combined 100+ years in specialty sales and marketing, we represent manufacturers in the following strategic market channels:

  • RV/Marine OEM and aftermarket
  • Automotive aftermarket/accessories
  • Performance aftermarket
  • Industrial and Agricultural aftermarket/OEM
  • Retail/Mass merchants


Why choose Foster And Associates to represent your brand? As a specialty sales and marketing agency with a forty-year history, we’ve honed a complement of unique capabilities.

Leverage Our Unparalleled Network

Our sales team has been building enduring industry relationships since the late 1970s. Since those grassroots days, we’ve created a network that spans North America and multiple vertical markets.

Scale Faster with Leading-Edge Strategy

We know exactly what strategies will build a heavy-hitting brand with the sales to prove it. We can build a robust sales funnel that will position your business to scale faster.

Unlock Markets with Bilingual, Regional Experts

We have curated a team of sales professionals with “territory-specific” product expertise. Plus, our Quebec-based team is fully bilingual in English and French and can nurture your business there more effectively. These are the keys to gaining market share more efficiently.

Succeed Faster with our Customer Relationship Management Platform

We leverage our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) capabilities to unlock vertical markets in specific territories. Our CRM produces target lists and real-time market data that help you penetrate your target market faster, create more effective sales funnels, and accelerate sales. Win brand fans and scale faster with this 21st century approach to sales.


Today, Foster & Associates is a respected specialty sales and marketing agency with Territory Managers in provinces across Canada. However, forty years ago, we were a tiny grassroots organization who saw big opportunities in our nation. For example, despite Canada’s relatively small population size, it is home to a global capitalization rate of approximately $1.5 Billion at retail for the automotive aftermarket. For the RV aftermarket, that figure is approximately $500 Million at retail. 

After 15 years of establishing our core team in Western Canada, with talented spearheads in BC and Alberta, we began expanding eastward. We diversified our strategic verticals with a cross-channeling philosophy for suppliers. Our business model continued to evolve, with Designated Territory Managers for each province, product specialists to promote specific brands, and a business manager to support team members. We also established a bilingual team in Quebec. 

As technology developed exponentially, we kept up. We began to leverage a unique CRM system tailored to our business needs. We retained a data-driven business analyst dedicated to the large retail accounts in Canada. Our analyst ensures forecasting, order lead time, and communication with supply chains. 

Every single day, our objective is to provide resourceful and supportive representation for a select group of synergistic manufacturers to achieve market penetration. Together, with our clients, we’re realizing the potential of Canada’s powerhouse economy.




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